live again
serves children and families living in motels on Parkway Drive

The mission of Live Again Fresno is to improve educational attainment and health outcomes for Parkway youth while advocating to shorten motel tenancy.

About Us

Live Again Fresno was started in 2012 out of the trunk of Richard Burrell’s family car. Burrell met over 30 children living at a hotel called The Fresno Inn. This property was off the Parkway Drive strip, Fresno’s epicenter for drugs and prostitution. The Inn contained 150 rooms, housing 3 to 5 people in each room. The children living there were surrounded by filth; an open sewer drained into the parking lot where kids played. This area was deemed safe by the parents because it was the furthest away from the 25 registered sex offenders who lived in the area. The children were hungry for food and starving for attention. Richard and Roxanne found a way to gain the trust of the children by regularly stopping by with food, and those budding relationships blossomed into an full afterschool program for the children of Parkway Drive.

Live Again Fresno opened a Community Resource Center in the Addams Neighborhood in July of 2019 and has enrolled more than 160 students in their afterschool program. Students can utilize the center to get a healthy meal, personal mentoring, and educational tutoring.

“I have learned that our work has a fantastic trade off. We offer hope through art, music and food. These amazing young people offer their sense of wonder and imagination.”

“The greatest resource we can give these children is access to a safe space with consistent faces and an opportunity to imagine themselves as something other than what currently exists in their neighborhood,” said Live Again Fresno Director, Richard Burrell. 


How you can Help:

- You can share information about the nonprofit on your social media pages

- Volunteer with the organization on the frontlines

- Collect items they may need

- Make a monetary donation - as little as $5 - to our matching campaign!

For every dollar donated, Granville Homes will match that donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000!

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