California Wildfires

Creek Fire Relief

As of Sept. 21 our Granville Relief fundraiser has raised more than $30,900 from the community! With Granville’s pledge of $25,000 that brings the current overall total to $55,900! Thank you to every person and business who stepped up and made a contribution! Donations are still welcome, and all funds will go to help victims and first responders!


The Granville Homes Central Valley Covid-19 Relief Initiative

Fresno, CA- Granville Homes committed to donating $5,000 per home through the Granville Homes Central Valley COVID-19 Relief Initiative that sold through May 31. The final distribution is $160,000 from homes that sold between April 1 and May 31. The fund breakdown will be as follows: $80,000 for The Central California Food Bank, $48,000 for Alliance for Medical Outreach and Relief and $32,000 for The Marjaree Mason Center. New Granville homeowners had the opportunity to select which of the three areas they wanted to support.